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Privacy and Refund Policy

When participating in online payment services, you're asked for credit card and billing information. This information is used to debit a customer's credit card for parking citation payments. Your full credit card is NOT stored. It is passed to our Payment Processor via a Secure Connection. A customer record, your payment transaction number and approval code are stored.

Payment of citations made online are not refundable. If you want to appeal your parking citation, do not pay for your citation online. Instead, follow the appeals/hearing process as outlined on your parking citation.


On-Line Appeal

  • If the registrant prefers to file an on-line appeal, the registrant gives up their right to speak with a Hearing Officer at the scheduled Hearing as printed on the front of the parking citation.
  • The decision rendered by the Hearing Officer for the on-line appeal is final.
  • If the registrant is not in agreement with the Hearing Officer's decision, said decision can be appealed with the State of Connecticut Superior Court.